Staying Connected in a Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships can be filled with challenges that couples around the block from each other never face. On the other hand, the creative ways that you find to remain connected while you’re living apart will increase your creativity when you’re living together.

It’s incredibly simple to take another person for granted. However, when you live apart for a long period of time, you are able to draw on these memories to bring you closer together when you finally do live together. This is a bonus that other couples only experience if they purposefully take the time to be creative about linking.

So, while it is a challenge to remain connected, learning these skills now makes your relationship better later.

While you’re apart spend the time and make the attempt to communicate at least once a day, more often if you can. You can maintain an emotional connection with communication that’s brief and frequent. They don’t have to be long, in-depth heart-to-heart conversations but may be short text messages about your daily life, asking advice or simply telling your partner that you’re thinking about them.

Let’s not be stalkish or smothering about it . Calling or texting each hour, waking them up before the alarm clock ordering pizza to be sent to their place for dinner at night is a bit much. Instead, aim for substantial and thorough communications about your thoughts, asking questions, asking advice or telling about what happened to you daily.

After a little, text messages and phone calls can get tedious. So break the mold and create a video for your partner. Use your phone to tape yourself driving to work, while the telephone is in the passenger seat aimed at you. Chat with the phone like your partner is sitting in the chair next to you.

Write a love letter. The art of snail mail is failing in our society now. And yet, there is something so much more personal and loving about a piece of paper held in your own hand. Write a thank you note to your spouse for listening to you while you ranted about your own boss.

Try to go to each other as often as possible. Long distance can indicate a 30 minute trip or a 10 hour trip. Internet dating has made meeting individuals from throughout the country easier than ever. Before this you had to actually get in the car and drive somewhere to see the Rocky Mountains and meet a cowboy! Schedule as much time together as possible and spend it with other people. We live in community and when you spend it together with others, you truly get to know each other better.

Alternate who does the travel. It might be easier for one of you to travel than another, but it’s important that you both put in the effort to see each other. If you can both get away, try meeting somewhere in the middle sometimes. You won’t be able to spend time with friends, but it’s a wonderful way to disconnect from everyday life and join with your spouse. Just don’t let it be the only way you meet, or your understanding of life together will be viewed through rose colored glasses.

Celebrate the ability to talking about the’dull’ everyday parts of your everyday. Mundane sections of your day are only normal for everyone. Celebrate your capacity to share that with your partner and make them an interrelated part of daily life. During these times make certain to support your partner in their conclusions or when they’re stressed or hurt. Make sure you are available to them when things go awry in their life away from you. Not only do they feel loved and connected when they know you’re available to them, but it deepens your relationship, and is not that what you are after?

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